Top 5 Virtual Reality Trends in 2019

Virtual reality has taken a very significant leap in the technology market. In Australia, there has been a massive upsurge of industries using Virtual Reality Melbourne. The apparent boom in VR in Melbourne is contrary to predictions made earlier by analysts. The last decade has brought to the fore the limitations, challenges and capabilities of VR. So many barriers are associated with market growth.

Many VR games lovers are yet to adopt and accept the VR headsets. Statistical analysis from reviews on steam shows that the percentage of VR headset owners and active users is not up to 0.3%. Lately, there have been many significant trends in VR technology. It is pertinent for businesses to be aware of these trends. Itemized below are the top five virtual reality Melbourne trends 2019.

1.) Advertising campaigns

It is increasingly becoming evident that virtual reality will become more paramount in advertisements. More advertisers are likely to join the bandwagon since it provides an interesting and engaging campaign capable of converting massive leads. There are many indicators that myriads of potentials abound in the VR trend.

VR technology offers buyers the most intriguing and absorbing experience. It is an excellent extension for the print and electronic media, and it offers wider coverage. Meanwhile, adopting this technology as the sole advertising platform has its own inherent limitations, and they are quite challenging because some buyers are yet to own headsets.

2.) Enhancement of travel and tourism

While virtual reality Melbourne has many applications, it is very clear that 2019 will witness an increased application of virtual reality in the travel and tourism industries. Currently, the technology has been embraced by many travelling and tourism companies, and it has already generated positive results.

The KLM application is an example. Travellers are provided with the virtual headsets while waiting for their flights. Also, several tourism companies have already used virtual technology in creating ‘virtual tours’ for their clientele. In this case, the 360 video technique is applied. The gap between the 360 video technology and full virtual reality will soon be bridged, and it will offer travellers the opportunity to view and explore different locations before booking their flights.

3.) Positive impacts in Education

Education is key to the development creditos onlineof any society. Over the centuries, many teaching strategies have been adopted in the field of education. There has been an increasing need for a quicker, innovative and more interesting teaching approach. The VR technology offers a very immersive learning environment. It can take the students closer to reality.

The technology would provide applications for easy learning and understanding. Students can easily fall in love with Algebra, quadratic equations and other mathematics topics. The students will learn in a new way which is less boring, more logical, and interesting.

4.) More job opportunity for virtual developers

There will be a significant increase in the number of virtual reality Melbourne companies, and more jobs will be created for virtual reality developers. Demand for web development services has always been higher than the supply. The last two decades have witnessed this trend in web and mobile development.

VR and other emerging technologies are likely to experience the same trend. Businesses across the education, tourism, agriculture, banking, and healthcare sectors are now aware of the potential return on investment offered by virtual reality technology, and the major challenge would be the availability of quality and professional developers.

5.) Increase in the sales of standalone headsets

Majority of virtual headsets cannot be used without tethering with PCs. They are not standalone devices. Virtual reality Melbourne games players are usually put through the stress of finding a compatible device for their headsets. The standalone headsets will provide a boom in the sales of VR games in 2019 and several other virtual game brands.

New standalone headsets will be launched in the market and users are most likely to dump their old headsets for the new standalone headsets.

Analysis of reports by business insider intelligence shows that sales of headsets would grow by 69% yearly and the standalone headsets will account for 30% of this growth. This implies that nearly half of all the headsets sold would be standalone.


There are many indicators that 2019 will witness an intense increase in the number of virtual reality users.

Many companies will adopt it and users are likely to be wowed by the amazingly immersing effects of the virtual world.

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